National Korean Martial Arts Association

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NKMAA Seminar Archives
Erie, PA 2001
With Master Steve Otstot
With Barry Rodemaker
Erie, PA 2002
Master Janisse Demonstrating a Ki Break
Brainerd, MN 2002
Master Janisse
Ki-Breaking 2 Bricks
Jackson, MS 2002
Belt Seminar Group
With Master
Allain Bureese
With Grandmaster
Kimm, He Young
Jackson, MS 2004
With Master's Hal Whalen and Vic Cushing
With Master Geoff Booth
Mosinee, WI 2002
Master Janisse
Ki-Breaking 2 Bricks
Portland, OR 2004
Portland BB Group
Friday Night Training
Not a good position
to be in
My biggest Fan