Kuk Sool HapKiDo

Home Study Course


The Kuk Sool HapKiDo home study course, produced and marketed by Janisse Self Defense System (JSDS), is designed to aid Martial Arts practitioners in earning certification to Black Belt status from the comfort of your own home or Martial Arts school. This course is intended for students who seriously desire to learn the martial arts yet are not able to join a Martial Arts school due to schedule, travel distance, financial constraints, or the inability to find a qualified instructor. Many Martial Artists from other styles benefit from the material presented by adding to their existing knowledge.




JSDS makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the safety of the Martial Arts or other techniques discussed or illustrated in the material presented within the home study course. JSDS expressly disclaims any and all liability relating to the application of the techniques discussed or illustrated in the material presented within the home study course


The techniques contained in the Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do home study course are inherently dangerous and should be performed with caution and care.

Check with a qualified Physician before beginning this, or any other, strenuous exercise program.


Testing and Promotion


There are 8 levels of testing required to reach Black Belt level certification:


Yellow Orange Green Blue Red Brown - Dahn-Bo - Black

(Special request for Brown Belt material and above)


Each level is designed to teach the student the principles used in the Martial Arts according to their level of understanding. Participants of this course will be expected to start at White Belt and work to the Yellow belt level. In other words it would not be wise to teach a child Algebra when he is starting to learn how to count. The only exception of this rule will be allowed if the student has previous or current Martial Arts experience. If a new participant of the Kuk Sool HapKiDo Home Study Course requests to start at a level above Yellow Belt, he/she will be required to submit a photo copy of their rank certification and a video tape containing a comprehensive performance of their skills.


The average time recommended to practice the material of each level and then perform a video test is between 4 and 6 months. This time has been found to be accurate from students attending class a minimum of 2 times per week and practicing a minimum of 1 hour per week. It is suggested that the student perform a practice test at least once every 8 weeks in front of an audience to gain personal confidence and increase their ability to think quickly under stress.


Due to the possibility of questions concerning the material presented, questions will be answered via e-mail, phone, or pre-scheduled internet video conferencing.


Each level will have a specific performance test required before certification will be awarded and permission to move to the next level is granted. The performance test will be an audio recording of directions vocalized by an instructor of JSDS. This recording will be supplied on either cassette tape or CD format and used by the student during the performance test.

The student will be required to video-tape the test while performing the test without interruption from start to finish. When the test is complete the student will mail the video-tape, (VHS format) to JSDS for review by the certification board.


Upon review of the video-tape the student will be notified of a pass or fail grade.

If the student fails the test, he/she will be able to submit another video-test no sooner than 30 days from initial test. The student will receive a report card of the test grading to help the student focus on the areas that need the most improvement. When the student passes the test, he/she will receive a certificate of promotion, a belt (color corresponding to level of test), and permission to advance to the next level of training material.


Home Study Course Costs


Color Belt Program Course: $75.00 each (Shipping and handling: $20.00)

Includes Rank Certificate and Belt: Yellow Orange Green Blue Red Brown - Dahn Bo - Black

Available on VHS Tape, CD-ROM, or DVD. (VHS offers highest resolution)


Black Belt Certification

May require testing in front of examination board, Contact Master Janisse for more information.


Martial Arts Uniform (optional): $30.00 (Shipping and handling: $10.00)

Uniform is required but does not need to be purchased through J.S.D.S.


National Korean Martial Arts Association Under Black Belt Membership and Martial Arts Passport: $30.00

Benefits include: Seminar discounts, visits to charter schools, Notifications of weekend testing in your area, discounts on merchandise, ect. (Recommended but not required)

(Shipping free when ordered with program otherwise $10.00)


Cross Ranking Certification (color belt only): $30.00 (Shipping and handling: $5.00)

Includes Rank Certificate and Belt


If you have obtained martial arts experience in HapKiDo, Kuk Sool, or other similar styles, you may submit a video tape of your skills for cross ranking to an equivalent rank in Kuk Sool HapKiDo. Due to the different requirement levels of various styles the same level rank may not be awarded.


Special Package Prices

Color Belt Program with Martial Arts Uniform: $100.00 Save $5.00
(Shipping and handling: $25.00)

Color Belt Program, Martial Arts Uniform, and N.K.M.A.A. Membership: $125.00 Save $10.00

(Shipping and handling: $25.00)


Purchase Two Consecutive Program Courses: $125.00 Save $25.00!

Note: Second program will be sent when previous program has been successfully completed.

(Shipping and handling: $10.00 per program shipment = $20.00 total)


Promotional Discount

Refer a friend and receive a $20.00 rebate on your next Color Belt Program if your friend enrolls in the Kuk Sool HapKiDo home study course.



Due to the ease of reproduction methods available there will be no refund on any merchandise purchased with the exception of the Martial Arts uniform. Shipping fees will not be refunded.






Includes the following material


Korean Terminology

Martial Arts Etiquette

Kyung Yea Bowing

Mohm Puhl Ki Martial Arts Exercise

Kicho Cha Ki Ki Breathing Exercise (6)

Dan Jun Ki Bup   Ki Breathing Positions (6)

Jah Sae Stances (4)

Soo Ki Sool Hand Strikes (3)

Johk Sool Kicking (3)

Maki Blocking (2)

Ki Bon Hyung Fundamental Form

Taego 1 Basic Form 1

Nak Bup Falling Principles (6)

Sohn Bae Ki Wrist Releases (5)

Sun Sohn Mok Wrist Release with Strike (5)

Chiruki Sool Defense against punch (5)